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 Ted Norstrom - Let Your Cubs Flag Fly




NEWS Feburary 2008 - New songs 'Just One Bad Century"

'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'

 'Fire Up Cubs Nation!

and 'The Wind's Blowin' Out'

Even More Cubs songs on the way!

        Click here for lyrics:

        Let Your Cubs Flag Fly - Lryics 

        Fire Up Cubs Nation - Lryics

       The Wind's Blowin' Out - Lyrics

       Just One Bad Century - Lryics 

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Check out my new Cubs songs

'Let Your Cubs Flag Fly'

'Fire Up Cubs Nation!'

'The Wind's Blowin' Out'

'Just One Bad Century'     

and  'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'!

on my myspace page (You can even download a copy for yourself from the SNOCAP area for only 88 cents.)

Go Cubs!   Cubs Fans! Music!     Celebrate Baseball! 

Ted Norstrom - Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals       

Music by a Cubs fan for Cubs fans.  More Cubs songs on the way sports fans! Get Ted Norstrom's music right here for only 88cents per track!

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Let Your Cubs Flag Fly Live at the Rosemont Theatre December 14,2007

As part of the Guy Bauer pre-show spectacular for the Johnny and the Leisure Sutes show.  Thanks to Guy and Jonathan Brandmeier